Today I’ve been listening to Angus Stone on repeat.

Late night sketchbook work.

Not quite sure why, maybe through sheer desperation of trying to think of an idea in time, but I collected some rocks from the small forest round the corner to where I live and painted them. God knows how I’m going to pass this off as a project.

Naked from throat to navel, their dark-brown bodies painted with white lines (‘like asphalt tennis courts,’ Lenina was later to explain), their faces inhuman with daubings of scarlet, black and ochre, two Indians came running along the path. Their black hair was braided with fox fur and red flannel.’ - Brave New World, Aldous Huxley

A tall man wearing the mask of a coyote and holding in his hand a whip of plaited leather advanced towards him.' - Brave New World, Aldous Huxley

The children started, screamed; their faces were distorted with terror.' - Brave New World, Aldous Huxley

Two book cover designs in a couple of hours. This one is the final part for my Brave New World brief. The colours and pyramid represent the caste system and the colours worn by the caste they become a part of. I didn’t particularly want to go for the typical foetus’ on the front cover, but I had no other ideas come to me in time.

Came up with this idea this morning and scrapped my original idea. Ideally, this would have just been a draft as I need time to refine this including completely re-drawing the bullets, but unfortunately I’m running out of time thick and fast! If I have time left over after finishing my other projects I’ll most likely come back to it.

Designing the quickest book cover ever!

Returning to an old project when I became obsessed with contours and created this unintentional homage to Peter Saville.